Hello! It's so nice to meet you.

Brad: from Seattle, UX designer, basketball player and rain lover, Gryffindor, a total nerd

Rachel: from San Diego, rock climber, vegetarian, Hufflepuff, the goof of all goofs

Brad + Rachel: married since March 2014, madly in love, artists to the bone, total animal people, super weird and a lot of fun (not to brag or anything…)

Our dream is to buy a houseboat and live on a bay somewhere we can kayak with our breakfast and bathe in the openness. We wanna travel and do cartwheels in all the places people say you shouldn’t do cartwheels.

When it comes to photography, we believe in telling stories. Our goal is for each photo to make you feel, not just remember. We believe in being friends, not coworkers. By the time your wedding day comes along, we should be old pals. Because we 100% plan on dancing our feet off under the twinkly lights, laughing during the toasts, and crying into the backs of our cameras during your vows. We believe that a great relationship is built on trust. Together, we create an atmosphere where you can be vulnerable and show us the best parts of yourself. This is essential for us to capture who you truly are.

We’re super duper excited to start on this journey with you, so please, please reach out.